Student Success

Tamatea High School has made significant gains in recent NCEA results.  Our roll-based results are detailed below.  We are very proud of our students and continue to work towards improving pass rates at all levels. In the medium term, the key to improving UE, plus Merit and Excellence endorsements is improving the literacy and numeracy abilities of our juniors.  We are working closely with the intermediate and primary schools as part of our Community of Learning to address this.


2017 NCEA Results

LEVEL ONE                92.5%

LEVEL TWO               96.9%

LEVEL THREE          78.4%


2016 NCEA Results

LEVEL ONE                89.4%

LEVEL TWO               93.5%

LEVEL THREE          77%


2015 NCEA Results

LEVEL ONE              66.7%

LEVEL TWO             80%

LEVEL THREE          51.7%


2014 NCEA Results

LEVEL ONE              75%

LEVEL TWO             57.8%

LEVEL THREE         63.2%

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