Tamatea High School is proud of its Careers Department. This department is the base for Careers, Star, Gateway and Trades Academy.

The Careers Department of Tamatea High School assists students to prepare themselves for tertiary study or the workplace.  The Careers Department treats each student as an individual and works with them as an individual to develop their career readiness.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Careers Counseling – personalised career counseling and self assessments to help students identify their strengths and interests. Many students have no idea which direction they want to take after high school – a talk with the Careers staff can often be a great starting point.
  • Career Exploration – this process is personalised depending on a student’s work readiness. It may involve a visit to a workplace to see what happens there, a one or more day work experience programme where a student just looks at the business, a once a week class at EIT as part of the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Trades Academy exploring and possibly preparing to transition to training in a Trade or a longer term Gateway placement with an employer, where a student works on industry related learning.
  • Career Resources – there are lots of resources available in the Careers room: university and polytechnic prospectuses, course brochures, information on different careers, DVD’s, and web resources relevant to careers.
  • Jobs – full-time/part-time, cadetships, apprenticeships, seasonal work. Any job vacancies are posted in the daily notices
  • CV Presentation– we provide basic information on developing both a general and a targeted curriculum vitae and a covering letter for an employer.  A sample CV and covering letter are on the school’s ‘Resources’ file for all students to access.
  • Interviewing – Students can learn how to make the best impression during an interview. Information about the questions most frequently asked by employers during an interview, is on the student resource drive and available to all. Students can practice their interview skills with members of the Careers team prior to a job interview (and can gain NCEA credits for their efforts).
  • Visits to Career Expos, University/Polytechnic ‘safaris’.
  • Scholarship Information Tamatea High School students have access to the website ‘Breakout’

In addition to these services, Tamatea High School offers intensive planning sessions for a student. The Individual Development Plan days (IDPs) where each House Group Teacher spends at least half an hour working with the student and their wh?nau means that strong ongoing relationships are formed that provide support for career decision making. This ‘team guidance’ combined with the small size of the school encourages students to take part, to be part of a group, to grow personally and to build a strong CV.

Tamatea High School was one of the first schools in Napier to offer Gateway and it was the only school in Napier selected as a ‘Designing Careers’ pilot school.

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