Junior Diploma

Students earn credits for their achievements in class and for participating in activities outside the class.

Subject Credits:

There are 24 credits available in each full subject, except Physical Education which has 18 credits and Health which has 12 credits. Participation in sport and cultural activities can gain a maximum of 18 credits.

For example: Year 9 English


Each standard has a title and credit value. Students are assessed for each standard and receive one of four grades. For more information download the Junior Diploma Information Booklet

Description Credits
Response to Texts (Literature) 4
Creative Writing 3
Formal Writing 3
Speeches 3
Close Reading 3
Reading Log 2
Book Work 2
Library 2
Homework 2
Total 24
Achieved with:
Excellence (E)
Merit (M)
Achieved (A)
Not Achieved (N)
Students who get A, M or E are awarded the credits for each standard.
*F will designate when a standard was not attempted

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