Golden Ferns

Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards

Each term, a student’s subject teachers and their Whānau Group Teacher will recognise and reward the progress a student is making with their ability to live, learn, work and contribute as an active member of their community.

There are five criteria for subject teachers and a different five criteria for Whānau Group Teachers with a grade scale of 0 – 4 for each. These criteria are outlined on the following pages.

Juniors are notified each term of their progress on their Junior Diploma Points Progress sheet.  Seniors will be notified each term either via a progress sheet or as part of their report.

At the end of the year, once the Term Four tallies have been added to the student’s final total, they will receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Bronze Awards are given out by the Deans, Silver at a whole school assembly and Gold at the end of year prizegiving. The top senior and top junior student will also get a separate award at the end of the year.

Fern Totals: Totals differ at the Junior and Senior levels due to the numbers of subjects taken.

Year Level Bronze Silver Gold
9 & 10 510 580 648
11 400 450 500
12 & 13 340 390 432

 NB: Any student who attends school less than 85% of the year will not be eligible for an award unless verified by their Whānau Group Teacher.

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