Student Contribution(s)/Costs

School Donation / Contribution $80.00

The fee for the first child attending Tamatea High School is $80.00.  For the second and all subsequent children the fee is $30.00 per child. The school fee helps in providing resources for the school that the Government grant does not cover.  This fee qualifies for the Inland Revenue Department donation rebate.


It is compulsory for all students to wear the official uniform of Tamatea High School, with the dress code closely monitored. A typical summer uniform for boys or girls costs approx $380.00, with additional items for winter available. It is compulsory to wear the PE uniform to all PE Classes.

Sports Contribution $50.00 (for up to 4 sports per year)

This is a contribution towards national and regional sport affiliation fees, competition fees and equipment purchase.  At Tamatea High School the cost of sports is heavily subsidised by the Board to encourage and support high levels of participation.

Course Contributions

Course contributions represent the ‘take home’ material that is used in the classroom.  The school purchases these materials (at a discounted rate due to bulk purchasing) and this charge covers part of the costs.


An estimate of the typical pack of stationery required for a Junior student will be approximately $55.00.  Costs for other year levels will be course dependant.


Other optional items to be considered are ID Cards at $9.00 (essential to obtain a discounted student rate on the bus and other relevant student discounts) and the School Magazine priced at approximately $15.00.


School Uniform and Stationery costs will need to be paid for in full before any items can be uplifted.  An automatic payment to the school of just $5.00 a week from the time of enrolment, builds up savings to assist with these expenses.  Automatic payments also spread the cost of other school activities – camps, sports etc.  Please contact the School Office if you wish to commence an automatic payment or make a payment via internet banking.

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