Tsunami Evacuation Route

TSUNAMI Escape Route

When an earthquake is long (more than one minute) or strong (powerful enough to knock you off your feet) then GET GONE – Evacuate immediately.

Once you have reached safety:

  • Listen to your radio or TV for advice and information and/or visit hbemergency.govt.nz
  • As our school is located in an area at risk of a tsunami, do not wait to be told to evacuate. Also evacuate if instructed to by Civil Defence.

The Tsunami evacuation arrangements are:

  • The school will walk/make their way along the following route:

Exit Freyberg Avenue gate, turn left and walk across Anderson Park to Park Road.  At the end of Park Road, cross and walk onto the greenbelt reserve area.  Follow this through to Whiting Crescent (during tsunami evacuation practices we will assemble here).

In an actual event, continue walking, turning left into Whiting Crescent then turn right into Auckland Road.  Walk along then turn left into Wharerangi Road.  At the intersection of Wharerangi Road and Church Road, turn right and walk along Church Road until you reach Pinotage Drive.  Cross the road and move to higher ground.

Parents/Caregivers will be notified of the evacuation in a Civil Defence statement. Tamatea High School has this Tsunami Evacuation Assembly point and how we get there on its website.

If there is time, take your disaster survival kit and any important documents with you, including roll lists, portable radio, portable public address system and first aid kits.

Our tsunami evacuation assembly point is 1.5km away from school (it is outside the ‘Yellow Risk’ zone).

Contact us By phone on (06) 844 6600 Or you can email us at enquiries@tamatea.school.nz

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