Daffodils – our tribute

Tamatea High School students, former students, staff, friends and wh?nau planted 3500 daffodils, and then shared a morning tea on Saturday morning, to create a living memorial to their ‘someone special’ who had been affected by cancer.

Last year the school received a grant to host a community barbecue.  When 18 year old Tamatea High School student Jesse Warena, and his father died of cancer within three days of each other in October 2016, the school approached the ‘Napier Together Fund’ with an amended plan.  Instead of the barbecue the school planned to plant a long swath of daffodils all along Taradale Road to remember those touched by cancer.

Planting daffodils was chosen as a project because of the flowers’ link with cancer and because it will bring a smile to all those who drive down Taradale Road and remind us all of Jesse’s big wide smile’.

The ‘Napier Together’ donation funded approximately one third of the proposed plantings. Principal Matua Robin said, ‘Next year we hope to be able to plant more. As a school very much at the heart of its Tamatea and Napier Community we would like to invite anyone or any group who wants to be part of the project, to contact the school’.


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